Free Internet Mail Provision

Text SMS messages to a phone for free

Free Internet Fax Resources

Mailing Lists

Every message sent to the list is distributed to all the subscribers. Some lists are editted before they are posted.

Topica, the mailing list directory

The List of Lists

sci.engr.heat-vent-ac - Possibly defunct??

Web Link Storage

Store all your links on the web so that is you can use them on any computer

Web Data Stores

Store information on the web so that is is accessible from the whole world


The British Library

Image Library - need that unusual image for the presentation ....

Explore the Internet (Library of Congress)

LibrarySpot - encyclopedias, maps, libraries

Search Librariries on-line - an excellent source of articles available to all - at a cost!

Great Buildings Online - fantastic pictures and models of wonderful buildings

Movement for Innovation

Information Providers

British Government

Information Centre

British Standards Institution

International Organization for Standardization

Co-Construct - a group of research organisations including the house journals in electonic form




Information Technology in Construction

CADDET Energy Efficiency

Centre for Renewable and Sustaianble Technology

Office of Building Technology


Institute for Research in Construction, Canada

Architronic homepage - up to 1999

Build-Online - commercial portal for building project services

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

LBNL Energy Analysis Department

EETD News Table of Contents

The Home Energy Saver

UK Department of the Environment - Construction
Construction Information Source

National Institute of Standards

Multizone Air Modeling


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Keep an Eye on the State of the World

Construction Industry Information Group

NASA Educational Resources

Center for the Built Environment

Cyburbia - A source of Building Info

National Reasearch Centre of Canada

The Building Information Warehouse


Uni of Nevada Architecture Web Resources - Good list of other web buiding resources


ASHRAE Journal



Building Services Journal



Constructionline - register of qualified
construction contractors and consultants

Engineering Portals

Edinburgh Engineering Virual Library

Efunda - loads of well laid out engineering facts

General Resources

Encyclopædia Britannica

Information Please - information
links on practically anything and everything

Web-Based File Storage Services

Construction Resources on the Internet

BTS- Building Energy Software

An excellent site showing how things work ...

Searching the Internet

Finding Information on the Internet - Great source explaining all things Internet


A multi search-engine search all in one

A fantastic search tool

Agret place to start going anywhere

Ask Jeeves

Engineering Utilities

Autocad file reader,,163301-123112,00.html

Lots of softwre tools - many free

Emerging Web

Online quotes/tendering

Control via the web


Total Control - a uk company

Echelon - another contender

Getting Online

A helping hand

A good place to start on the the web

Web domains for £9.99!

Web Hosting for free with BT Internet

Web hosting plus the bells and whistles for free with F2S